Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Division of Emergency Operations within the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR) provides the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the personnel, facilities, and resources needed to support a coordinated response to natural or manmade disasters.

Premier Federal provides and manages technical professional support focused on maintaining day-to-day operations and executing change management the Emergency Operations Management System (EOMS). We provide technical assessments and recommendations to consolidate and modernize IT Frameworks, applications, and databases to reduce cost and improve mission availability and systems of systems interoperability.


The objective our work is to improve collection, sharing, and access of bio-surveillance information to decrease the ambiguity of data and shorten the time to correlate critical information to improve disease detection, risk assessment, and decision support. The results are increased efficiency in critical information exchange, visualization, analytics, and knowledge management to improve support and coordination with respect to public health threats.

Of particular focus integrating open-source and COTS products that leverage existing capabilities and deliver an integrated set of interoperable tools and shared services to support IMS coordination, data collection, information management, and secure access and data exchange with internal and external systems and stakeholders.