Information Technology & Cyber Security

Premier Federal provides Information Technology (IT) expertise to support the mission of public health. This expertise includes medical and scientific technology, system inter-operability, health information management systems, laboratory information management systems, laboratory data integration, public health informatics, HL7 messaging, vocabulary and terminology, and cyber security analysis and implementation

When it comes to Cyber Security threats, no one is immune. In fact, the entire conversation has shifted from focusing on “if you’re attacked” to “when you’re breached, how quickly you can respond.” And that’s not likely to change in the foreseeable future. The traditional security defense strategy to layer on point-product tool over another needs rethinking.

That’s why, Premier Federal in partnership with IBM Security and other industry leaders in Cyber Security is bringing to you an innovative, integrated and intelligent security immune system platform in which enterprise security solutions work together to prevent and repair the damage cyber attacks can impose on your organization.


An Intelligent and Integrated Cyber Security Immune System


IBM i2 Analytics cuts time-to-insight from days to hours, reducing the impact of investigations on your day-to-day work.


BigFix cuts operational costs, compresses endpoint management cycles and enforces compliance in real-time.


QRadar SIEM centrally collects and analyzes log and network flow data to provide actionable insights into threats.


MaaS360 consolidates management of mobile, wearables, and IOT devices along with data and apps using cognitive approach