Past Performance

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)

EPIC Bridges &

Corepoint HL7 Interface

  • EPIC Bridges and Corepoint Interface consultant for an EPIC Ambulatory and Inpatient Go-Live Implementation and Integration Testing project at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Hospital.

  • Worked on HL7 Interface Development, testing, analysis, trouble-shooting, and resolved production errors in EPIC Bridges Interfaces. 

  • Interfaces include: ADT, ORU/ORM, Results, Lab (Sunquest, Quest, HNL), Radiology, Ancilliary, and SureScripts (Rx).

  • Coordinated with Interface, Conversion, HIM, Cadence, Orders, Labs, and various Build teams, EPIC Implementation support team, and at Quest, SunQuest, and Health Network Laboratories (HNL).

  • Worked with CCD, CCDA, FHIR, XML/XSLT interfaces complying with HIPAA and JCAHO standards.

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Sr. EPIC Cogito Reporting and HL7 Project Management

  • Managed EPIC Cogito Reporting projects in Radar Dashboard, Pulse Metrics, ACO, Population Health Management, and Clarity Clinical and Revenue Management reports for the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center (LHMC).  Worked with C-Levels in validating and reconciling Hospital Billing data with Revenue data.  Worked with end-users in Ambulatory, Inpatient, and Nursing Informatics on security, data validation, and end-user requirements analysis, training, assessment, and recommendations on various Inpatient, Nursing, and Ambulatory Pulse Metrics, Radar Dashboard, and Clarity Reports. 

  • Provided end-user training/support to LHMC staff including Management, Physicians, and Nursing on effective usage of EPIC Reporting Workbench, Clarity, and Radar Dashboard reporting.

  • Worked with LHMC management on strategies for ACO and Population Health management initiative.

  • Worked with various application teams including Inpatient Nursing, Ambulatory, Clindoc, Orders, ASAP, Resolute, Finance, and others in resolving RWB, Clarity, Radar, and Pulse Metrics issues.   

  • Implemented and supported EPIC Cogito Star Data Warehouse and Data Marts for Ambulatory Modules for the financial reporting.

University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS),

EPIC Cogito Reporting Workbench and Clarity Training

  • EPIC Cogito and Reporting Workbench (RWB) Trainer providing training for Hospital Leadership (Directors, Managers, Clinical Informatics (DCIs), and Super Users (SU)) prior to Go-Live at University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS). Training modules include EPIC Cogito, Reporting Workbench, Clarity module for OpTime/Anesthesia, Radar Dashboards, SAP BOE Platform BI InfoView, Launchpad 4.1, BI Workspace, Pulse Metrics, ACO, and Population Health Management.

  • Trained users on effective usage of EPIC Reporting Workbench and SAP BOE Clarity KPI Reports in developing, scheduling, and performing data analytics on the data. 

  • Provided Instructor Led Classroom Training (ILTs), and one-on-one group training sessions with Physicians, Directors, Managers, Clinical Informatics, Analysts, and Nuring staff.  

  • Developed content for the OpTime/Anesthesia Manager Reporting Training (Participants and Instructor Training Guides) and also worked with the Peri-op staff on Teletracking application.

  • Delivered content via multiple Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions to the UMMS staff.

  • Worked with UMMS Executive Staff on ACO and Population Health management initiative.

  • Provided support on EPIC Bridges HL7 interfaces in production environment.

Vantage Oncology

Corepoint HL7 Interfaces

  • Managed end-to-end testing, analysis, and development of Corepoint HL7 Interfaces between NextGenEMR, Rosetta Interface, ARIAEMR, IEM, and Corepoint Interface Engine 5.1.1  

  • Developed HL7 interfaces, bug-fixed exisiting HL7 interfaces, and creaetd a test/QA environment between NextGen, Rosetta, ARIAEMR, IEM,and CorepointInterface Engine. Interfaces include: ADT, DFT, ORU/ORM, Results, Lab (Sunquest), Billling, Radiology, and Ancilllary. 

  • Worked with Oncology equipment such as Linear Accelerator, CT Scanner, MRI Imaging,  Lab, and Rx.

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