Public Health Intelligence Office (PHIO)

The Office of Safety, Security, and Asset Management (OSSAM) serves as the lead organizational entity for providing a safe, secure, functional, and healthy workplace environment for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  This includes all national, local and international locations of CDC activities.

Public Health Intelligence Office (PHIO) is located within OSSAM to provide classified intelligence and information, combined with open source data related to public health and security conditions around the globe to facilitate a common operating picture through briefings and intelligence products, enabling risk-informed decision-making.

Premier Federal provided administrative and logistical support to the PHIO. Our responsibilities included: 

  • updating the security portions of the CDC Global database,

  • approvals of Travel Authorizations too CDC international travelers regarding security training and upcoming training briefs;

  • providing assistance and guidance to CDC travelers registering for security courses given by the DoS Foreign Service Institute; and

  • preparing briefing materials.